Parent Education Resources 

Free, bite-sized lessons for 
learning a new language.
Mango Languages is a free
 language learning program
 available in thousands of 
public libraries.
The 10 Best Free Spanish
 Websites for Kids 
Brain Pop

Educational websites with short
 animated movies for students in
grades K-12. Select FREE STUFF
to view available movies. 

 Educational websites with short
 animated movies for students in
 grades K-12. Select FREE STUFF
to view available movies.

XtraMath es un programa web
 gratuito para estudiantes, padres y

These games are all linked to 
objectives from the new 
mathematics curriculum. All of 
these games are available as a
 single app for both iPad and Android.

BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing

Free fun games to learn 
touch typing 
Free common core aligned typing
 curriculum with interactive typing
Free, trusted resources for
 Preschool, Kindergarten and 
First grade English Language 
Learners and Dual Language 
A bilingual site for educators
 and families of English
Environmental Education for 
 Surf around and learn more 
about the great outdoors.

Digital Survival Kit Video

 View this short video which
 describes ways to keep our
 students safe while using the
Free online collection of
 videos aimed at helping
 parents understand K-5
 grade-level expectations/ 
Colección gratuita de videos
 con el objetivo de ayudar a
 los padres de familia a 
entender las expectativas
 de los grados K-5
 Digital Literacy Skills
Deztresas de
 lecto escritura digital
USA Learns

A site for adults to improve 
English speaking, pronunciation, 
listening, reading, and grammar/
 sitio para adultos para mejorar el 
habla, puntuación, escuchar, lectura,
 gramática en inglés
Open Book

Free websites to keep kids 
READING in Spanish/Sitio de 
internet gratuito para mantener
 a los niños LEYENDO en español 
Free websites to keep kids
 LISTENING to Spanish 

Sitio de internet divertidos 
y gratuitos para mantener 
a los niños escuchando español

Digital Tools

Digital Tools for
digitales para elaprendizaje