RUSD is excited to announce Step One of the school program registration process for the 2021-2022 school year, which is to open the program choice window. Asking families about their program of choice allows district staff to plan accordingly. The program choice window will be open from February 6 through February 16, 2021. All RUSD students, currently In-Person, Virtual, or Home Based (Summit View) programs, will need to register during Step One to ensure students are placed in their program of choice for next school year.


In-person Program Choice

Instruction is delivered in-person on the school campus (following any necessary health and safety precautions). In the event schools are closed again by state or local public health order, school instruction may include a combination of in-person and Distance Learning with daily interaction with a certificated teacher online.


Virtual Program Choice

Instruction is delivered 100% online. Students will have daily live interaction online with a certificated teacher. Students will engage in online small group instruction and also be assigned independent work. Click here for Virtual Program FAQs


Home-based Program Choice

The parent/guardian serves as the instructor of content with monthly in-person check-in meetings and weekly check-in calls with a certificated teacher. *Please note, this program is not the Home-Hospital program. Click here for Home-based Program FAQs.

Devices and hotspots will be available for each student participating in the Home-based and Virtual Programs.

Accordingly, RUSD strives to provide equity and access to quality instruction through all program choices. Accommodations for students with disabilities, students with diverse learning needs, Foster Youth, Homeless students, students who are medically vulnerable, and English Learners will be made.

Program Choice Registration in Aeries support videos for Parents