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Helping Elementary Achievers Reach The Stars
HEARTS is an after school program currently in place at 20 elementary schools in the Riverside Unified School District:
Adams, Alcott, Beatty, Bryant, Emerson, Fremont, Hawthorne, Highgrove, Highland, Jackson, Jefferson, Liberty, Longfellow, Madison, Magnolia, Monroe, Mt. View, Pachappa, Victoria, and Washington 


"Through powerful community partnerships, Riverside will promote positive youth development through extended school day programs by providing a variety of academic, literacy, and enrichment opportunities, with caring adults in a safe and nurturing environment to enhance learning as well as the physical and emotional well being of youth."

~After School Collaborative Vision

HEARTS Promises to:

  • Provide a safe and positive learning atmosphere for students after regular school hours
  • Provide academic support
  • Provide personal enrichment and development opportunities for the special needs of Riverside youth
  • Provide positive mentoring
  • Provide a creative outlet for youth

Please click on the following links for Registration Forms for the HEARTS Program

Please contact the school site to apply for the 2020-21 on-line program


Please click on the following links for the Early Release Forms for the HEARTS Program

HEARTS Early Release Policy Revised-English

HEARTS Early Release Policy-Spanish