A School Facilities Needs Assessment (SFNA) is prepared and adopted by the governing board of a school district to determine the need for new school facilities to house pupils that are attributed to projected enrollment growth from the development of new residential units over the next five years. The analysis takes into account current capacity, surplus property, and dedicated local funding sources.

A SFNA is required to be adopted by resolution at a public hearing after it has been made available to the public for a period of not less than thirty days. Alternative Fees Level II or Level III, are adopted by a resolution of the governing board as part of the adoption of the SFNA. The Alternative Fees authorized by the resolution take effect immediately, and are in effect for a maximum of one year.

On May 1, 2017, the Riverside Unified School District Board of Education will consider adoption of a resolution establishing a Level II Fee of $4.01 per square foot and a Level III fee of $8.02 per square foot. These Alternative Fees remain in effect through May 2018, or until a revised report is adopted.

SFNA 2017