Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

Community Eligibility Provision, commonly known as CEP, allows a school districts and local educational agencies (LEAs) located in low-income areas to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students by site.

All  CEP sites will provide students with breakfast and lunch at no cost. Students attending a CEP are not required to complete a “Meal Application” to receive meals at no cost. If  a parent/guardian has a student at a CEP and another at a NON CEP site, the parent/guardian will need to complete a “Meal Application” for their other student to apply for the "Meal Program".

Since CEP sites will no longer complete “Meal Applications,” Riverside USD has created a “School Funding Form” to assist with necessary information to receive funding for supplies, field trips, technology, and more!

 Parents need to complete the School Funding Form because it will provide Riverside USD information the State needs to determine how much funding our District will receive, based on student need.

Completing the School Funding Form will not affect whether a student can participate in the meal program. The information collected in these forms is 100% confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. The information a parent/guardian provides will allow the State to determine the funding provided to Riverside USD.

The School Funding form will be completed by households every 4 years. 


Which application should a parent complete?

CEP Sites will complete the School Funding Form Application

All other sites will complete the Meal Program Application

  • Completed by households (1 per family)
  • Available Online and  in Paper Form – Visit beginning July 2

 If the parent/guardian has two or more students attending two different schools (one is a CEP and one is NON CEP) the parent will complete one of each application.