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The mission of the Innovation and Learner Engagement Department is to support, invigorate, and expand RUSD's community of learning.

The Innovation and Learning Engagement Department views learning as a rich, evolving process and teaching as a vibrant ever improving endeavor. ILE collaborates with faculty, administrators, departments and the fifty-two sites that comprise Riverside Unified School District. Our goal is to accelerate advances in teaching and learning, from classroom practice to classroom technology adoption, from course design to curriculum transformation, and from digital learning to inquiry-based learning. We provide advice on pedagogical advantages in uses of tools and technologies. ILE’s mission is to support, invigorate, and expand RUSD’s community of learning.

              Steven Dunlap, Director 
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                          Steve Kong, ISS
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Larissa Pineda, ISS
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Steven Harwood, Coordinator
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Leticia Romero, 
Administrative Secretary
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                     Kristian Sorensen, TOSA
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                  Jessie Gurbada, SDS
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                         Caryn McLoughlin, SDS 
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     Ari Flewelling, SDS
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  Steve Morris, TOSA 
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                 Carolina Perez, ITT
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  Sylvia Diego, 
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