Technology Services provides information and communications technology leadership. We maintain the District's applications, infrastructure and end-user support structures that enable successful student learning by delivering reliable access to minimize disruption to instructional time. We support solutions that target improved communication between teachers, students and parents.

Technology Services provides:

  • Applications Development
  • Database Support/Data Integrity/Data Mining
  • Electronic Governmental Reporting (CalPads, CBEDS, etc.)
  • Student and Staff Network Account Maintenance
  • Student Information System Support
  • Training on the use of internal and external programs
  • Technical Support for Hardware and Software
  • Third Party Software Support
  • Network Services
    o Communications and Telephone Support
    o Maintenance and support of district servers
    o Exchange Email Services
    o E-Rate
    o Wired and Wireless Network Support


Chuck Lusin
Manager of Systems
(951) 788-7490 ext 4 (outside) ext 81008 (inside)

David Allenbaugh
Manager, Network/Computer Services
(951) 788-7490 ext 7 (outside) ext 81012 (inside)

Diana Carothers
Manager, Computer Applications
(951) 788-7490 ext 5 (outside) ext 81009 (inside)

Jeff Brown
Technology Services Supervisor (Help Desk)
 (951) 788-7490 ext 1 (outside) ext 81010 (inside)