energy management

The Energy Management and Conservation Department was formed in November 2009. It consists of two “in house” Energy Specialist and the consulting group, Energy Education. The department’s primary mission is to reduce energy consumption District wide, by tightening energy controls, closer scrutiny of utility bills, and behavioral changes. With an annual utility cost of $10,000,000., a ten to fifteen percent utility reduction can create a significant savings, which will positively affect our general fund. This will benefit our students and staff. 
The added benefit of reducing green house gasses also helps make the District a good steward to the environment. With the state of California as well as our nation heading in a “greener” direction, Riverside Unified is a pioneer and is on the forefront of achieving these goals. 
Quick Facts:
Fact #1
Did you know to run a computer 24 hours a day the annual cost is $90.00. If you turn it off in the evenings you could save approximately $ 54.00 annually. Remember to also turn off your speakers and monitor. 
Remember “If it glows, it goes!”
Fact #2
Did you know it cost $ 1.00 an hour to run the heating and air conditioning in a typical classroom or work area? By only running them during occupied hours, we can generate a large amount of savings.
Fact #3
Did you know it cost $ .25 an hour to run the lights in our classrooms and work areas? This means District wide we spend $ 813,600 annually. By turning our lights off when we leave our classroom or work area for an extended period of time, we could generate a savings.
Remember every small savings adds to a larger savings when we start thinking District wide.