WOW - - -

What is WOW?

It’s the brand we leave on everything we do – “Come, Let Us Show You WOW!”

It’s our campaign, comprised of a hard working team of professionals who show up every day to serve not only food, but love to our students, staff and community.

It’s our determination to excel in the process of improving the food our children eat every day.

It’s the quest to elevate our performance in the arena of health and nutrition typified in the superior educational opportunities provided to students and staff with the cooperation of community partnerships.

     From our nationally recognized Farmers’ Market Salad Bar program, to rotational Friday BBQs at elementary sites and daily secondary school BBQs . .

     From our healthy school programs that address lifelong wellness goals, to community activism raising awareness on childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes . . .

     From creating new menu items for our school sites and local café – Chef Ryan’s Place – to culinary skills development and improving the aptitudes of our employee . . .

     We strive to amaze you to the end that all you can say is “WOW!” We have an ever increasing vision and focus for nutrition servicers invite you to 
“Come, let Us Show You WOW!”


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