First Name Last Name Title Phone Number I can help you with...
Adleit Asi  Director, Nutrition Services  (951)362-6740 ext.82801  Information regarding our Nutrition Services programs
Priscilla Friend Operations Manager  (951)35206740 ext.82805 Questions regarding school site meal service
Danielle Willhite  Operations Manager  (951)3526740 ext.82804  Questions regarding school site meal service
Darius Nadziejko Central Kitchen Manager (951)352-6740 ext. 82818 Central Kitchen
Esmeralda Vargas Accounting Supervisor (951)352-6740 ext. 82815 Paypams, Refunds, Adjustments, and Program Eligibility
Nutrition Specialist (NEOP) (951)352-6740 ext.82822 NEOP Grant, Nutrition Education
Anna Romo Buyer (951)352-6740 ext.82807 Food and Supply Procurement
Cindy Garcia Nutrition Services Clerk (951)352-6740 ext. 82814 Contract (NON RUSD Sites) Meal Eligibility, Applications, Verification, and Accounts
Ginko Lueder Nutrition Specialist (951)352-6740 ext. 82818 Specialized Meal Plans, Food/product Information, Nutrition Counseling
Trish Patterson Account Clerk, Accounts Receivable (951)352-6740 ext.82813 Returned Checks and Invoices
Millie Tolentino-Polk Account Clerk, Accounts Payable (951)352-6740 ext.82802 Invoices
Edgar Rivera Office Assistant II (951)352-6740 ext.82811 Meal Application Eligibility, Verification, Student accounts
Carolina Perez Nutrition Services Systems Specialist (951)352-6740 ext.82808 Paypams, Adjustments, Social Media for Nutrition Services, and Online Meal Applications