Why Riverside?

 Dr. Hanson pic

Welcome to Riverside Unified School District. Our District is home to world-class educators, hard working teachers and students, and dedicated parents. We have won numerous awards at the regional, state and national levels for our academics, sports, and visual and performing arts programs. We are home to nationally-certified teachers and one of three 2014 Riverside County Teachers of the Year as well as two previous State Teachers of the Year. We also are leading the way with cutting edge programs such as personalized learning, and schools of choice. We also continue to focus on developing well-rounded citizens through efforts such as our robust arts education programs and emphasis on School Plus 2 to encourage students to be involved and engaged in their education. Our school nutrition program, featuring Farmers Market Salad Bars in nearly all elementary schools, has earned national recognition. And, our students are becoming well-rounded citizens through a variety of outstanding community service programs. With all that we have to offer, it's clear that RUSD is the district of choice for Inland Southern California.