First Name Last Name Title Phone Number I can help you with...
Adleit Asi  Director, Nutrition Services  (951)362-6740 ext.82801  Information regarding our Nutrition Services programs
Kirsten Roloson Assistant Nutrition Services Director (951)352-6740 ext.82806 Information regarding our Nutrition Services programs

Operations Manager  (951)35206740 ext.82804  Questions regarding school site meal service
Darius Nadziejko Central Kitchen Manager (951)352-6740 ext. 82818 Central Kitchen
Vickie Gantt Program Supervisor (951)352-6740 ext.82819 Questions Regarding our Programs
Priscilla Friend Field Operations Supervisor (951)352-6740 ext.82811 Salad Bar, Farm to School, Salad Bar First, and other Programs
Naomi Dillon Accounting Supervisor (951)352-6740 ext. 82815 Paypams, Refunds, Adjustments, and Program Eligibility
Ginko Lueder Nutrition Specialist (NEOP) (951)352-6740 ext.82822 NEOP Grant, Nutrition Education
Anna Romo Buyer (951)352-6740 ext.82807 Food and Supply Procurement
Cindy Garcia Nutrition Services Clerk (951)352-6740 ext. 82814 Contract (NON RUSD Sites) Meal Eligibility, Applications, Verification, and Accounts
Darius Nadziejko Nutrition Specialist (951)352-6740 ext. 82818 Specialized Meal Plans, Food/product Information, Nutrition Counseling
Glenda Adair Account Clerk, Accounts Receivable (951)352-6740 ext.82813 Returned Checks and Invoices
Millie Tolentino-Polk Account Clerk, Accounts Payable (951)352-6740 ext.82802 Invoices
Norma Reyna Office Assistant II (951)352-6740 ext.82811 Meal Application Eligibility, Verification, Student accounts
Danielle Willhite Nutrition Services Systems Specialist (951)352-6740 ext.82808 Paypams, Adjustments, Social Media for Nutrition Services, and Online Meal Applications